Saturday, September 26, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Dates

Two Fish has been trying to entertain Red Fish this week. They've had several daddy/daughter dates. They went to visit the farm animals and ride the ponies. Red Fish is totally in love with all of the animals.
They went to the aquarium to visit the fish.
Then today we took a drive in the mountains to see the changing leaves and collect some for a few fall art projects.Two Fish took Red Fish for a little hike while I stayed in the car and fed the baby. You'll notice that Red Fish is wearing a purple dress in every picture. She is suddenly obsessed with purple. She refuses to get dressed unless the outfit is purple. We don't have any purple clothes for this winter so I'm hoping this is a phase. Maybe I can get her a purple belt or something that she can wear everyday without me having to do laundry.

Red Fish and Two Fish have also painted in the backyard a couple of times this week. Red Fish went to the playground and to see the elephant parade downtown with her Gammie. I think she has had a pretty good week.

New Fish is having a good week as well. She is starting to sleep more during the night and be awake more during the day. She had her days and nights mixed up for the first little while. We've been doing a lot of snuggling.
It was a beautiful day and it was so nice to leave the house for something other than a doctor's appointment. I love fall. We're headed into holiday season (including all of our birthdays.) It's a crazy time of year but I am excited for New Fish to have so many firsts.


Blogful said...

Gorgeous colors. So jealous!

Joanna said...

I miss my Utah Mountains!!!

The Clem Family said...

Beautiful pics!! How fun for those two to hang!

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