Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Moms Watch Movies

Monday, March 10, 2014


On Sundays we bake.

Little Talker

On some Saturdays, it is my job to set up the primary room for church the next day.  New Fish has been coming with me to set up chairs and get everything ready. She likes everything to be "royalty ready" as she says. Her favorite thing to do is to pretend she is giving a talk or try to say her articles of faith in the microphone. Sometimes she pretends she is teaching sharing time.  It's hilarious and it makes setting up much more fun.

Saturday, March 8, 2014


We went swimming because these little water babies didn't have school.  I was in the water but I didn't have to hold on to anybody and they played with each other and had a fabulous time.  They are getting some independent, it's crazy.  Red Fish has been able to swim for awhile but New Fish has really taken off with her swimming over the last few months.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Weekend Trip To See The Great Grandparents

 We took a quick weekend trip down to see my grandparents over the weekend.  This has been the longest I have gone without seeing them in my life.  Red Fish didn't have school on Friday so we decided to make a quick trip.  While we were there we checked out the new children's museum and the girls especially liked the autoshop inside.

Blowing giant bubbles at the children's museum
 We went to the park and attempted (unsuccessfully) to fly our kite.  If anyone has kite flying tips for us we are all ears.  We do not have a great talent for flying kites apparently. The girls make friends everyplace they go so they made several "REALLY GOOD FRIENDS" at the park in the hour we were there.

Getting ready for church

I love this picture.  It is the stuff memories are made of.  They are all snuggled in bed watching tap dancing on tv
The girls spent a lot of time plundering my grandmother's closet and jewelry box and dressing up in all of her things, just like I used to when I was little.  They played pioneer games and card games and read books.  It was a good trip full of good memories that I hope will stick in their little brains.

Monday, March 3, 2014


Red Fish got a "Sugar Bug Bite" on her tooth.  I always warn them to brush all the sugar bugs off their teeth so I guess a little cavity equals a bug bite.  When I got my teeth cleaned she had her nose about an inch away from my mouth asking the dentist a million questions.  She is always my little scientist.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Monsters

Little dinosaurs peeking out of their cave at the dino museum.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What A Good Day Looks Like Around Here

Red Fish
After school we made watercolor resist painings of the peacock we saw preening at the farm yesterday. The details were done in oil pastel.  Red Fish couldn't stop talking about how "relaxing" it was to paint out in the sun again. I'm definitely going to have to start thinking of some new ideas for art projects with the girls this year. They are happy to continue exploring materials but Red Fish is also craving some projects that are slightly more directed or have more of a planned direction.  I still want them to explore and use their own creativity as much as possible.  It will be an interesting balance.
New Fish

 I walked the dog while the girls rode scooters to a park a little ways from our house.  New Fish was exhausted by the time we got there because she has never ridden a scooter that far before. It was a bit of a chore to get back to the house but the girls loved climbing all over and not having to wear their coats.
After we made it home and had some snacks and a lot of water we watched an episode of The Magic School Bus (their current favorite) and then went to the library for some reading. A quick stop at the grocery store for taco supplies and the girls thought it was a near perfect day.

Monday, February 24, 2014


 I love that we could ski and ride horses outside in the same week.  We have been trying to get out of the house more and it is making us all happy.

Red Fish

How do I put Red Fish's personality into words?  When I drop her off for school she never fails to turn and blow me a kiss on her way in the door.  She literally skips back out to the car after kindergarten every single day. It makes me smile every time. She is a pleaser and she wants people to be happy, especially her little sister. She is constantly doing little things to help her sister and make sure she is taken care of.

After school today I noticed that her pants were on backwards (including the belt.)  When I asked her what the deal was she told me she just thought they looked better that way.  Hilarious.  My kids are starting to get quite a reputation for dressing themselves.  Just about anything goes at our house if you are willing to dress yourself.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Almost Perfect Ski Day

Two Fish and I bought helmets this year.  We always make the kids wear them so we figured we had better start wearing them as well.

We decided to have a very relaxed family ski day. We didn't hurry up the mountain to make it in time for ski lessons. We took our time. It was a beautiful.  Just a little bit of snow and bright sunshine.  It started out a perfect day.  It was a magical ski day for New Fish.  She suddenly decided that she knows how to stop, turn and go down the hill without her leashes.  It was amazing.  Two Fish took Red Fish for a couple of runs down the blue squares and when they came back New Fish knew how to ski. Too bad it is almost the end of the season!  Hopefully she will still remember how to do it next season. We only have one or two days left to go this year.  This was the first time in four years that there has not been a child strapped to my back or attached to me by a leash.  It was SO FUN.  I can't wait for next season.

We went inside for lunch and New Fish fell and hit her forehead on a rock wall.  You would think that skiing would be when she would get hurt but apparently it's lunch we have to worry about.  It was a bad end to a good day.  She is feeling fine now but the goose bump she got immediately afterwards was freaky.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents Day

 Family ski days are my favorite.  The snow isn't great this year but it doesn't really matter when I spend most of the day on the bunny hill with New Fish. Red Fish has been taking a few ski lessons and she is still a maniac on skis.  We get a couple of runs in with Red Fish after her lessons.  It still scares me to see her zipping down the mountain but I'm working on not being a helicopter mom and I know that doing hard and scary things will be good for them, plus skiing is a blast.  There is nothing quite like having the wind in your face as you fly down the mountain.  Skiing is good for the soul.