Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yellowstone Day 4

We went to the towers waterfalls and drove to Rosevelt. We ate at the Rosevelt Lodge and went on the Yellowstone stage coach as a special treat from MeMine and Pop Pop. Asia was bummed they wouldn’t let her ride on the top of the coach but you had to be twelve.  In addition to all of the bison we saw up close we saw a Yellow bellied marmot, which Asia loved. Asia was trying to catch herself a Clark’s Nutcracker. Every place we go, Asia is sure she is going to catch a bird. Hopefully the birds continue to stay one step ahead of her.

After the stage coach ride, my brothers needed to get their babies back to the campground so the four of us continued on to Mammoth Hot Springs. We got to see a grizzly bear close and a gray wolf. Asia has always wanted to see a wolf in the wild so she was freaking out. We saw otters and a sandhill crane and a barrow’s goldeneye duck on the lake on the way home. Asia likes me to keep track of these things. I was never interested in all of these animals until Asia became so interested in animals. Now I love keeping track of everything we see.

The next day we packed up the camp site and went to Norris and ate lunch in West Yellowstone. We drove to Helena, MT and stayed the night and we all got to have a shower!


Mammoth Hot springs

Gray Wolf


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