Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy Sunday

 We celebrated the May/June birthdays on my side of the family tonight.  We hosted at our house and had a barbeque with hula hoops, giant bubbles, swings, cupcakes, babies and crazy kids. I know people say that you can't choose your family, but this is who I would choose to share my life with even if we weren't family.
 It was a beautiful evening outside, just chatting and eating on the lawn. Nights like this are my favorite.
 These little cousins love each other so much. Thing 1 was just walking into the house and finding whatever he needs. He knows where everything is and what he can access and I love that he feels so at home.
We celebrated my Mom's birthday and we thought we would get her a birthday picture with the kids. 5/6 looking toward the camera is pretty good!


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