Monday, June 8, 2015

First Hike Of The Summer

 I couldn't resist the spin art machine for $5. It is too much fun. During the 80s I went to a birthday party at a special puff paint and spin tshirt place. This machine reminds me of that.
 We met Two Fish after work today for a picnic and hike from a park near his work.  There were rattlesnake warning signs up and New Fish was having a fit that we were going to see a snake. Sure enough, we met a rattler one minute into our hike and turned around.  We drove down the road to a nearby hike with more steady foot traffic because I assumed the snakes would at least stay off the trail because of the constant noise. I'm looking forward to a summer full of hiking. The girls are getting so independent.  New Fish loves anything steep that involves scrambling over rocks but she HATES flat trails.


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