Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yellowstone Day 1

 We started our summer vacations with a trip with my side of the family, camping in Yellowstone. I love camping. The first day of the Yellowstone trip was amazing. We had all the craziness of packing ourselves into our small car, trying to make sure we had everything packed for a very long trip and all of our camping gear ready. We fell in love with audio books on this trip though and now I think we are hooked for life. Throughout the trip the kids could hardly wait to get back in the car and “start the movie” meaning turn the audio book back on. I’m weird and want my kids to stare out the window on long road trips instead of watching movies the whole time so we only did two movies in two weeks of road tripping.

Anyway- back to the amazing part. On our way to the campground we drove through the park and saw two bald eagles (nobody seemed to be quite as excited about these as I was), literally hundreds if not thousands of bison. We were freaking out about all the bison because on our last Yellowstone trip we only saw three bison the whole time we were there. I’m not sure how that was possible. We saw dozens of baby bison, which were incredibly adorable. I hope my kids remember the fields of baby bison their entire lives. We saw a moose, a lake full of trumpeter swans and a grizzly bear from far far away which did not diminish our excitement. We saw a black bear and Red Fish and New Fish are such an animal fans so this trip was a complete dream come true for them. We saw bull elk and a field of mule deer. By the time we got to the campsite we were so worked up about all of the animals, we could barely contain ourselves.


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