Friday, June 5, 2015

The End Of School

I have no darling before and after pictures of the school year but it was Hawaiian day at preschool for New Fish.  I can't believe the year is almost over but I'm also ready for summer and still scared of summer and the complete upheaval of our schedule.  I'm a little bit in denial that I will have a kindergartener and a second grader so soon. I'm also determined not to mourn the fast passing days and try to embrace the present and all of the delightful parts of having a five and seven year old. Highlights of the last few days include-
 An impromptu shaved ice run with the neighborhood kids. Car wash parking lots are not an ideal place to entertain large groups of children who are happy to be outside after school.
 Red Fish is such a sweet sister.  Yesterday was her last day of recess and lunch at school and she asked if I would bring New Fish to the school to eat with her.  I warned New Fish ahead of time that we would probably leave right after eating so Red Fish could enjoy her last recess but Red Fish (being the very loving big sister that she is) insisted that New Fish stay and play with her friends. I loved watching Red Fish include her little sister in all of her games with her friends. Seriously, what would these two do without eachother?  If there were ever a pair who were destined to be sisters...
 Our neighborhood has the most awesome street party on the last day of school.  There is a water slide, dunk tank, snow cones, air compressor rockets and treats galore. All of the moms are out on the street talking and it is a good time. I caught this picture of New Fish mid-fall in the dunk tank.  Red Fish wants to ask Santa for a dunk tank for our back yard- never gonna happen.


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