Thursday, June 18, 2015

Yellowstone Day 2

 Yellowstone Lake
 Old Faithful Geyser

 West Thumb- My Dad, My Mom, Two Fish, Red Fish and New Fish, Lee Lee holding Pixie, J holding Nixie, M.E. with Noodle on her back, Doo (M) with Doodle on his back, me.

 We went to Old Faithful on day two. We had a ninety minute wait for the geyser and we made the mistake of trying to wait for lunch- bad idea with this many small kids. The kids picked up their junior ranger packets so they did plenty of reading up and taught us all about the geysers. We hiked around the trails by the geyser and had a picnic lunch after we saw Old Faithful. We went on a hike in West Thumb and then had a dutch oven dinner.


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