Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The International

 On Wednesday we took the International (cutest boat ever) across Waterton Lake to Goat Haunt, MT. We got passports for the girls before the trip and were rather disappointed that they wouldn't give us a passport stamp when we entered Canada. We heard that they give them in Goat Haunt but we had no such luck. So we still don't have any stamps in their new passports- lame. We hiked to Kootanai Lake and were eaten alive by bugs. It was a gorgeous hike though so that made up for the bugs. The boat was the perfect way to see more of the park and it was fun to see the literal line where Canada meets the US.

 Red Fish needed to have a slingshot on this trip so she immediately bought one in town. She spent a good deal of time shooting rocks into every lake.
 Our whole group- The Wallace Family and the Olcott Family.
Dipping our toes in Waterton Lake while we waited for the International to take us back to Canada.


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