Monday, June 22, 2015

Heading To Waterton

One of my best friends, JJ, from childhood has been trying to get me to her family cabin in Waterton Lakes park in Alberta Canada for about twenty years. I called her earlier this year and told her I was ready to drive up and meet her so she brought her husband and four kids from Atlanta Georgia and met us in Canada. It was truly a trip, twenty years in the making. Our kids had such a blast together and I'm so glad we went.

 On the way through Montana we stopped at Choteau and took pictures with all of the bizarre dinosaur statues and old west props. It was a fun place to stop.

 When we got to Waterton, our friends had a huge picnic and campfire ready for us. They introduced us to all kinds of fun Canadian treats . The kids got to throw rocks in a river, the eternal favorite pastime of all kids. I unfortunately did not take any pictures. We very excitedly told our friends that we saw three grizzly bears and a black bear in Yellowstone. They were not impressed. They took us on a twenty minute drive up one of the roads in Waterton where we saw 3 black bears and 1 brown bear (I never realized that black bears come in multiple colors and they are all really just black bears) within about ten minutes. No wonder they were unimpressed with our Yellowstone stories.


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