Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Print Making

I cut pieces of foam out of takeout trays. Then Red Fish drew on them with a pen. It was hard for her to press hard enough to leave grooves.
Then we covered them in paint.
and pressed a paper over the top to make a print. This would all go much smoother and look better if we had ink brayers, but we don't. We just used sponge brushes to put the paint on and smoothed the paper with our hands.
We must have made 30 prints in about 45 minutes. I finally had to cut Red Fish off. She decided after the first five or so that she really liked the printing part and made me do all the painting. After I covered the tile in paint, Red Fish would put the paper on, rub it real hard, and we would have a count down for each big reveal followed by a round of applause. Then Daddy (who was trying to watch football- silly daddy) would have to ooh and ahh over each one.
As for New Fish- she has been doing a lot of hanging out
and playing with her sister.


The Clem Family said...

How fun! Great pics!!!

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