Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Holiday Has Begun

Red Fish has started noticing that this Santa guy keeps popping up a lot. He is in some of her Christmas books and hanging on the tree. She's been pointing him out for the last few weeks. It was time for her to meet the big guy for the 2nd time. It ended up being a little bit of a weird picture but still something fun. We went to the dive shop to see Santa this year. He was kind enough to interrupt his dive for a quick picture with us. He was doing underwater shots but the girls are too young. Red Fish was totally awed by Santa. She kept clapping her hands and giving him five. Much better experience than last year.
Every year Two Fish's side of the family makes gingerbread houses. We all get together and let the kids go wild with little houses, frosting, and candy. This was Red Fish's second attempt. It went about the same as last year but this time I actually made her a house. Well, my version of made is buying a kit at the grocery store. I can't see spending all that time baking gingerbread when nobody ends up eating the actual houses anyway. I actually really considered just hot gluing the thing together when the frosting wasn't sticking very well last night. The frosting is great for the candy but not so great for the structure.
As you can see the candy is serious business.
Red Fish was so excited when she saw her little house. She wanted to play with it and when I told her we had to save it so we could put candy on it her eyes got huge. A little house and candy? Red Fish was mostly interested in tasting each piece of candy before she put it on the house. I was actually kind of surprised any of the candy even made it on the house. She had a good time.
This week I got to go on TWO dates with my husband. It was a treat. My brothers both gave me a night of babysitting for my birthday. (That is always a fabulous gift.) First on Wednesday we went to a benefit dinner for Two Fish's mom's chorale. It was fun. Good food and a fun Christmas concert. Thursday night I got to go to girl's night with my friends from my old neighborhood. I've been spoiled this week. Then last night Two Fish and I went out to celebrate his birthday. We went to a Middle Eastern restaurant. It was fun because I love to order tapas and taste new things without committing to a huge meal that could be weird. Then we went to see A Christmas Story at a local theatre company. I'm not a huge fan of the movie but the play was really fun. It was just fun to be out of the house with my husband. Brother M said the girls were really easy to take care of but he warned me Red Fish's new discovery of the piano key and yes she does know how to unlock it.


Gregg Sorensen Family said...

I totally forgot that Santa was going to be at the shop! We could have gone! Well I am so glad you were able to go on 2 dates with your hubby and girls night! It sounds like a wonderful week!!

Richinsrock said...

How fun is that to have Santa at the dive shop. I agree with you about the gingerbread house, although this year Gracie did eat the roof of the house, and I also bought my gingerbread house. This was the first time I had wished I had made it myself. HOw long do you think they are in the package to sell to us? Oh well she is still alive.

The Clem Family said...

I'm glad you were able to make it to girls night! How can you NOT like A Christmas Story, the movie?! It's a classic. It's one that I watch, at least, ten times during the Christmas season! Great pics!!!

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