Thursday, October 8, 2009


We're all still adjusting but things are going well. I'm healing well and soaking up all the time I can get with my babies. I've been working on my company's biggest project to date and everything is finally at the duplicator. It's a minor miracle. It took some help from the grandparents to make sure the babies got nonstop love. I'm doing my best to savor the all too fleeting stages that my girls are in. The thing that has suffered the most is my house. Between my being gone and in bed for a week and my lack of motivation and energy to devote to household chores, it looks like a bomb went off. It's making me a little crazy. If you come to visit you will just have to look past it.
At two weeks New Fish was chubbing up to 6 lb.. 6 ounces. When I took her to the doctor (my Mom drove me because I wasn't allowed to drive yet) my Mom asked me if she still had her cord stump. I thought she did but when I undressed her for the scale, I found the stump had fallen off and was hiding in her armpit. (Yet another example of why belly buttons are gross.) It made me a little sad because it meant she is no longer a brand new baby. It's already speeding by. She is staying warm and doesn't have to wear a hat as constantly as before. She is a very snugly baby. She pretty much wants to be held 24/7. I'm inclined to indulge her so I ordered a moby wrap and hopefully that will help her get the . She loves to eat and has perfected a major scowl if she doesn't get her bottle right away. She is doing pretty well at night (aside from a few all nighters) and sleeps about 3-4 hours at a time, so that isn't killing me off yet. She has that wonderful smell that little babies have. I'm finally allowed to drive and we've successfully left the house twice. We went to a neighbor's house and to my Dad's work (with the help of my brother.) It takes me forever to pack everyone up. Hopefully I can learn to speed that up.
This little baby has big eyes.
Red Fish is being such a great sister. If New Fish cries at all Red Fish runs to her rescue to with a kiss. When we were in the car today and New Fish started to fuss, Red Fish started blowing her kisses from her carseat. When Red Fish watches her Little Einsteins she spreads a blanket out and asks for New Fish to lay down and watch the show with her. It's pretty cute. I still have stick right by them because an almost two year still doesn't understand how to control her little elbows but she is still very sweet. So far there has been very little jealousy. Hopefully that lasts. Blue Fish has been insanely jealous and is driving me nuts.


Lisa said...

She's totally adorable! We have gifts for you, but can you email me your address so I can send them?

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