Monday, October 12, 2009


We did a collage today with pieces of tape. I took pieces of masking tape, painters tape, packing tape, and scotch tape and put them around the edge of a pan. Then Red Fish stuck them all over a piece of paper. She loved it. Then she colored it with some markers. Unfortunately this did not satisfy her need to create.

So I tore up a bunch of different paper (mostly junk mail and construction paper) and gave her a paint brush, modge podge, and a bottle of squeezeable school glue. I was afraid it was going to get much messier than it did (I have a fear that most of our projects are going to get out of control messy and I need to get over it) and Red Fish spent two hours gluing little papers onto a newprint sheet. She also used some marker and crayon. We need art projects with multiple steps so it takes more time to make. I was surprised at how well she did painting and gluing the papers on. I thought it was going to be trickier for her. What you can't tell from the picture is how thickly the paper is pasted on. It has layers and layers.


Blogful said...

Jane did a craft this weekend where they gave the kids a paper plate and had them tear up orange construction paper and glue it all over the plate and then tear up black pieces to make a face like a jackolatern. Big hit. Tear, cut, glue. Your daughter is amazingly talented.

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