Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Red Fish scraping the first pumpkin.
She didn't think much of the goo inside but she loved the purple scraper. She started transferring the guts back into the pumpkin after awhile. This was the first time we have carved pumpkins as a family since I got married. Two Fish always wanted to wait for kids. Now we actually have one old enough to appreciate it a little bit.

New Fish of course had no idea what was going on but she needed a picture anyway.
Red Fish got tired of scraping so she made Daddy do the rest and she painted hers while I fed the baby and tried to supervise. We used Elmers squeeze and brush paint. She made me do the squeezing for her but she liked the brushes and I could still feed the baby while she used them.
My cute girls.
I know our pumpkins aren't very imaginative but we were going for easy. Turns out carving pumpkins with a toddler is harder than I thought but totally worth it. It was fun for all of us.


Nancy said...

I love that last picture. Thats one for the scrapbooks! I cant wait to carve pumpkins with Josh this week. I have visions of grand carved pumpkins in the end, but will probably end up going for easy as well!

The Clem Family said...

Those are some pretty good lookin' jack-o-lanterns! Your babies are so stinkin' cute!!!

Somers Family said...

I'll be looking out for those Jack-O-Lanterns! Your kids are adorable.

Joanna said...

OH,We haven't got to do this yet this year, too much party planning. Maybe Saturday. I love that One Fish is so tiny she could fit inside the punkins! SOO cute!

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