Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Dog Wears Chapstick & Other Randomness

Red Fish is obsessed with wearing chapstick. She steals it from Two Fish. When she gets a hold of it she insists on applying some for every member of the household. The other day I caught her applying some chapstick for the dog, Blue Fish. Two Fish wasn't pleased. She also tried to brush the dog's teeth with Two Fish's tooth brush. Luckily his nice wife bought him a new one. Red Fish and Blue Fish have been best buddies lately and tease eachother like siblings. For some reason Blue Fish was afraid of this little wagon Red Fish has so she spent a good half hour chasing him around with it and giggling at the top of her lungs. We have a lot of chats about how to treat the dog. Now I just have to convince Red Fish that Blue Fish is not to be used as a step ladder and that he doesn't eat people food. (Or rather shouldn't eat people food.)

It's scary sometimes how closely a baby watches you sometimes. Red Fish has started knocking on the window when Blue Fish barks and shouts NO! She has even drug him to his kennel and locked him in a couple times with a stern no no. She knows how to wrap New Fish up in her blankie the exact way that I do it. She dabs milk off of New Fish's face when she dribbles. She copies things I do all day long.

Red Fish now knows all of her main colors. She likes to play games with colors. Whenever she colors she has to hold up each crayon for me to name. She held up a maroon crayon the other day and when I told her it was red (trying to keep things simple -silly me) I was chastized because it was so obviously NOT RED. I received a stern no no and a finger shake. When I changed my answer to maroon she clapped and patted me on the head. We also take the cards from candy land and when I hold up a color she finds something else in the room that is that color. It is her favorite game right now. Red Fish is also learning her shapes. She has ditched her beloved Little Einsteins to watch either the first half of Cinderella (she likes the mice and hates the princess part) or a Baby Einsteins video about shapes.

We've had some jealousy around our house lately. New Fish is old enough to enjoy a few toys and Red Fish doesn't want her to have them because they just look like too much fun. The baby swing, the tummy time mat, all things baby just look like too much fun and Red Fish wants to use them. Red Fish has also been wanting to be wrapped up in a blankie and held like a baby for awhile everyday. It's pretty funny.

One fish is starting to get some chub on her legs. She has her first thigh roll. It's tiny but it's cute. She is also developing a double chin. Pretty funny because the rest of her is still super skinny. She is lifting her head up a lot and enjoys watching her arms wave around.

All Aboard The Potty Train?
Red Fish has become a nudist. She disrobes anytime she can. Everytime I come to get her out of her crib after a nap or in the morning she is always in her birthday suit. Sometimes she is in her birthday suit and all of her baby dolls are in theirs as well. Lately this has escalated to removing her diaper along with her clothes. I can handle the lack of clothing but the diaper is mandatory. Yesterday I put her diaper back on no less than 15 times and Two Fish put it back on her three times while I was at the grocery store. Red Fish has even been known to take off her diaper and then put her pants back on so I won't notice. Yesterday she came out of the toy room with her clothes all on backwards and no diaper. I can only think of two soultions to this problem. 1) I could start duct taping her clothing and diaper on. I've seriously considered this. 2) I can potty train her. Oh how I loathe the thought of potty training her right now. She isn't even two years old yet. She doesn't talk yet other than sign language and a few words. Most of all, I'M NOT READY! I thought we had more time. The one upside is that Red Fish does seem to have impressive bowell control evidenced by the fact that she has had few accidents while streaking around our house. Now if I could just get her to produce something while on the pot I would be convinced it is time to board the potty train.


Richinsrock said...

Good luck with the potty training idea. Hailee did the same thing, and she didn't potty train until she was three. It almost killed me cleaning up all of the messes she left behind.

Mind Of Mindi said...

haha! Lauren was a nudist as well. She was trained pretty early! So cute that she does everyhing her mom does!

The Clem Family said...

I think it is so cute how Red Fish interacts with the dog and the dog is so good to just let her do whatever. I still am amazed how much kids learn from you and how embarassed I am when they learn the wrong things from you. Good luck with the potty training thing, but I think Red Fish will do well with it.

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