Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Darn Dog

Once upon a time, Blue Fish was our baby.  When other people told us about funny things their kids had done, we told them about our puppy.  When people told us how darling and witty their children were, we told them about our puppy.  We were those people.  Fast forward six years and our dog is ill-behaved and noisy.  He's lucky we love him.

 He puts up with daily mauling from the girls and gets dressed up in tutus and hats against his will.  He has had his toenails painted.  He sits still for "vet appointments" as long as he has a chew toy.  He gets laid on and read to and has his ears and tail pulled.  He is nice to the girls despite their best intentions of loving him to death.  He is incredibly hard for me to deal with right now though because he weighs too much for me to pull on him.  He's lucky we love him.
We love this darn dog even though he is a pain.


Gwen said...

Whoops!! I'm pretty sure that last picture is MY dog!!

One Fish said...

Ha! No it isn't but it does look like him.

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