Monday, October 14, 2013

Post Hysterectomy Thoughts

1) Not lifting over ten pounds is almost impossible when you are a Mom.  Our stack of books weighs more.  Managing my dog is also a major pain.

2) People who work in hospitals (nurses, housekeepers, etc.) should never ever ask someone who has just had a hysterectomy if they just had a baby.  If they make this mistake they should MOST DEFINITELY STOP the questioning after they have received an answer. I guess if the answer didn't sufficiently make them want to shut up then pretending to go back to sleep when they ask how you feel about that etc.just doesn't indicate that I do not want to talk about this to a stranger emptying the trashcan.  Thanks for your hard work, please move on to the next room.


4) I do not own enough sweat pants.  I think it is time for an upgrade of my comfy clothing.


Somers said...

I can NOT believe #2. I would have been SO MAD! And I'm sorry you are so tired.

Joanna said...

Not reassuring! Hugs, I wish I were local and could carry your cute babes around all day for you!

Jill B said...

Although I believe I've been teased by you for this on many occasions, may I suggest the $5 sweats aisle at Walmart. In fact, I'm wearing a purple Walmart sweatshirt right now. It's a fave of mine. Try it. You'll like it. :)

And I am willing to fly out there and punch the someone in #2. I really am.

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