Monday, October 14, 2013

Scuba Babies

 Just a cute picture of the girls trying out some gear with my Dad. This was taken while Two Fish and I were in Hawaii last month. Something funny to be remembered- my Dad tried to practice piano with Red Fish and they both happen to be pretty stubborn.  Eventually he got frustrated and gave up and my Mom ended up finishing with her.  When I got home Red Fish told me: "Pop Pops was practicing with me and he just QUIT on me.  He just GAVE UP.  Can you believe it?"  Hilarious.

Red Fish is really good about practicing but will dig her heels in if anyone tries to help too much or differs from the approach her teacher took.  She will practice on her own without being told just to avoid me "helping" too much but will ask for help when she knows she isn't playing it right (unless she is convinced that she is playing it right.)  It's pretty cool actually.
Also cute of my brother J playing with Red Fish while we were gone.


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