Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little Scientists

 My girls had such a good time with the science curriculum we did last year for fun from Sonlight.  We actually did all of the experiments and read the entire Usborne Children's Encyclopedia.  These kids will read anything.  We decided it was worth it to get one for this year as well.  We don't really study the information, we just read and do experiments and have fun with it.  Science is not my forte and Red Fish LOVES science so I need a little help coming up with the information for her.  There are tons of magnet experiments we have been doing testing the force and pulling power of magnets.  This week the girls checked to see if different magnets were strong enough to pull objects through different materials.  They had to do all of the work while I sat on the couch and directed.
 They also made little boats out of metal tacks, corks and paper sails and drove them around the bin of water with their magnets.


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