Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Painting Night

 Two Fish took New Fish out on a special daddy date (he took Red Fish last week) and I stayed home with Red Fish.  She wanted to paint and draw together.  It was a good night. I love having one on one time with my girls.  New Fish and I have had more time together qhile Red Fish is in kindergarten and we spend most of it reading.  It was nice to have my favorite little red head all to myself for the evening.

Red Fish was painting this picture of me and said: "Let's see your hair is a little bit brown, a little bit blond and a little bit gray."  Ummmmm.... do I need a new mirror?


SquarePeg said...

Love it - I really like her finished pumpkin resist - so pretty!!!!!!!! Glad you're blogging again :) Missed it... love you! me.

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