Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Unicorn And A Peacock

 We had our ward (church congregation) and neighborhood Halloween party
.  New Fish went back and forth about what to be this year.  Red Fish went back and forth between a unicorn and a peacock (two of her favorite things) and when she chose peacock, New Fish decided to take over the unicorn idea.  She thought about adding a dress over the top because she wanted to make sure people knew she was a GIRL unicorn but I assured her they would know.

 I love homemade Halloween costumes even though I am not as talented as my Mom is at making them.  Red Fish and I bought a bunch of tulle and peacock feathers to create hers.  Face paint is always a fun addition.  I love Halloween. I love the costumes and the fuss and all of the fun activities.


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