Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Red Fish is really into stamps right now so I decided we should try some other print making. I think this is technically called a collograph but I'm not completely sure.We took a shoe box lid and Red Fish covered it in pipe cleaners and foam stickers. Red Fish is very into stickers right now. We had used our supply from all a dollar but luckily she got more for her birthday.
We covered the shoebox masterpiece with paint (Red Fish's favorite part) and finally we pressed a paper over it to make a print.
Here are our prints we made. I think they turned out pretty cool. A different kind of project for us. Red Fish was happier with the shoebox top covered in paint and stickers. It actually looks pretty cool as well. The red paint that got on my carpet when I stepped a few feet away to talk to the furnace repair man? That I'm not so impressed with. At least you can barely tell now. How do people live without carpet cleaner and a magic eraser? Most of the time I think the mess from our projects is extremely manageable. Yesterday was a bad day for collateral damage.

I have a post saved where I ramble to myself about my ideas about kids and art and trying to remind myself why the mess is worth it. I might post it sometime but it will just make me sound like I'm talking to myself in print.


CassiLou said...

Where do you come up with all of these projects? I need to pick your brain, because my girls would love to do some of these.

Richinsrock said...

I say post it!

The Clem Family said...

Are you ever gonna run out of ideas or energy for all this? You never cease to amaze me!!!

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