Saturday, November 14, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This little goober is getting so big so fast. Her hair has gotten much lighter and I think she is going to be a blondie. She is getting some cute little chubby cheeks. She is fascinated with waving her arms around. It makes her furious when one of her hands sneaks up and steals her pacifier. She can't figure out who is doing it.
I swear this little baby just gets cuter by the day.

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. Two Fish planned a celebration for the two of us and we went to see a play. It was a pretty funny play by Mark Twain. We had a great time. The girls got to spend some time with their Gammie. We picked them up this morning and had a big breakfast of bacon and eggs. It was fun.
It was snowing outside after we picked up the girls and Red Fish was really excited about it. I wanted to take her outside but we don't have the best snow clothing yet. Red Fish doesn't have boots or snow pants. So I put her footy jammies on under her coat and jeans. The only shoes that would fit over the footy jammies were some mesh sandals and then I taped plastic baggies over that. Ghetto snow boots. My ski pants don't fit (and I'm guessing never will again) so I had to wear Two Fish's. We were quite the pair. Red Fish did get to wear her cute hat from Chile (where Uncle M served his mission.)
We had a great time out in the yard. Red Fish never wanted to come in. We'd throw snow up in the air and Blue Fish would jump and try to catch it. We ran all over. We are finally getting window well covers so Red Fish can play in the backyard without me two inches away. Our wells are super super deep and I'm pretty sure she would die if she fell in. I'm hoping after they are installed Red Fish and Blue Fish can play outside.

Tonight, I went to a concert. Uncle M is a music major and goes to school fairly nearby our house. He was having a trombone choir concert and I wanted to go. I decided to take Red Fish because I've been wanting to try and incorporate more music into her life. (Incidentally if anyone has any great tips on getting more music into the lives of small children, I would love to hear them.)Red Fish was really good for the concert. I was pretty sure she would behave but I was still nervous to take her. Little kids aren't generally admitted to the university concerts but we figured since it was all trombones and pretty loud, it might be okay. We sat near the door just in case. She danced for a few songs and leaned over the shoulders of the people in front of us to get a good look at them but she was really quiet and well behaved. Before the concert started and during intermission we walked around the art center and looked at some of the exhibits. I think I need to spend more time looking at art with her. We read a lot of books and spend a lot of time making art but I should show her my art books. After the concert was over RedFish wanted to try out the stage and see Uncle M's trombone. Trying out the trombone


Blogful said...

I bet she would love this. One of those .75 purchases that make cooking dinner possible.

Gregg Sorensen Family said...

How cute! My sister and her friend have a music class they do with kids 3-5. They sing songs and make different instruments. My kids did it last year and had a blast! She is not doing it this year but I am guessing she will next year. I will let you know.

Nancy said...

Fun weekend. And happy birthday! It's crazy how fast each year passes now. Your babe is starting to look not so much like a new born. Both your kids are super cute. I have a bunch of musical instruments that Josh likes to play with. We have a harmonica, a recorder, some moroccos, and several other things. Josh loves the piano too. Most of those just constitute as noise, but one day maybe he'll figure out some actual music. We need to find some toddler boots too. Till then Ill have to remember about plastic bags!

The Clem Family said...

That is so fun! Who could've asked for a better day? Playing in the snow and going to a trombone choir concert!! Next time you better invite me! ;)

Lisa said...

Cute pictures! (And that stage looks awfully familiar! ;))

Music Together classes are great. We did it with D, and I highly recommend them. You can even take both kids, and I think New Fish would be free. There is a CD and book you can use at home, and we had a blast with that. Mostly, though, we just sing and sing and sing. I think that's the best thing to do with little ones.

Last year I got a book called Can You Hear It? by William Lach. It's part of a series from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a CD and book. The book has paintings from prominent artists of all historical time periods, and then you listen to the corresponding song on the cd, and there are questions designed to get the kids to look at the paintings and listen to the music. You might like something like that. There is a whole series of books.

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