Monday, November 2, 2009

Marbling With Shaving Cream

Red Fish has been painting the shower and bathtub with shaving cream pretty much everyday this week. It's amazing how long a dollar can of shaving cream will last. It has been so easy to clean up and fun for Red Fish that I decided maybe we should just start doing a bunch of painting projects in the tub so I don't have much cleanup. My plan to paint in our unfinished basement hasn't gone that well because it gets freezing down there and I don't have warm enough clothes she can get messy in. Plus I can't take New Fish down there. Today I put Red Fish in my tub (it's much bigger) and we tried something new with the shaving cream.We filled a baking pan with shaving cream and then Red Fish took several colors of liquid watercolor and squirted them into the cream with an eye dropper. You could probably use food coloring too but I hate that it stains your hands.
After she had added all of the color she swirled them around in the shaving cream with the eye dropper.
We pressed a thick paper over the top of the pan to make a print. We left the watercolors to set before we scraped the shaving cream off the top. I thought it looked awesome with the shaving cream on. I kind of liked it better than the final product. I would have made more than one print but Red Fish was too excited.
She had fun using the eye dropper and swirling the colors but she didn't care that much about the final product. The part she enjoyed the most was the aftermath. Apparently colored shaving cream is even more fun than just painting with the white cream.
Here is the final picture. I'm curious if the marbling would have worked a little better if I hadn't used watercolor paper and used posterboard or something with less bleed. We will have to try again and see.


Lei said...

Does she ever try to eat it? Lol. So cute!

Mind Of Mindi said...

You have the best ideas ever! This is the greatest idea though-in the tub, the mess is easy to clean and watercolors instead of food coloring! I'm going to have to try it for sure. She is too cute! Lucky to have you as a mama. :)

The Clem Family said...

Great idea!! I really do need to try this out on my kids when they're bored. So fun!!!

Richinsrock said...

I love the idea. Now I jsut need to find the time to let my kids make a mess. Can they come to your house? I really am going to try it, maybe you will be lucky and I will post pictures too.

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