Monday, November 16, 2009

2 months & Laundry Day

New fish is two months old today. She hasn't had her checkup yet so I don't know how big she is but I'm guessing just under eight pounds. (Uncle M put her on our package scale at work.) I had to put away the first batch of clothes the other day. She doesn't fit in the newborn size one piece jammies. It always makes me sad when they grow out of their clothes. Red Fish never even wore newborn size. Her little shoes are from Spain.

Red Fish is really into helping me with my chores lately. Her favorite is laundry. She actually gets upset with me if I try to do the laundry without her. First we sort the laundry in my bedroom and then we pick a pile and throw it over the railing so it lands next to the laundry room (this is Red Fish's favorite part.) Then she hands me the laundry to stick in the washing machine (this can take forever, a sock at a time.) Then when it's washed I hand her each piece to stick in the dryer. When it's dry she gets each piece out so I can fold it. The process takes a long time but she is so cute and happy it makes it totally worth the extra time. Mondays are a happy laundry day. I love having my little helper.


Mia said...

Xander loves helping too. It started with him sitting on the dryer while I got things going, and now he likes to put clothes in the washer and dryer for me. Gotta love those little helpers! Your girls are so cute!

The Clem Family said...

It, also, makes me sad when they grow out of their clothes. You're good to have the patience to let Red help you like that. I get impatient with my kids and tell them to let me do it myself. Your kids are so cute!!!

Richinsrock said...

I love when they want to help with things like that. I can't say I am always as patient as you, but I love that they like to help.

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