Sunday, March 30, 2008


Today we were having dessert (chocolate pie) and before I could even take a bite of mine Red Fish snatched it off my plate and smashed it all over her head, her face, my face, and both of our outfits. She is too fast! I didn't even see it coming. She also got a huge mouthful of it which she was ever so pleased about. So much for carefully introducing single ingredient foods one at a time.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went to have family pictures taken with Two Fish's family. It's the first time we have all been together in five years and we have had many additions to the family since then. Afterwards we had an easter egg hunt and lunch.

Having some tasty bottles. When we broke out Red Fish's bottle cousin S decided they should lunch together and immediately requested her own ba ba.

Getting ready for the hunt. If you look closely you can see cousin S giving Red Fish a strangle hold of of love. All day she wanted to hug baby Red Fish. During family pictures we had to stop a few times to extract Red Fish from this tangle of cousin love. It's pretty cute how much S likes her. They will be good buddies.

Everybody wants to sit on Grandma's lap.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meeting M&M

Two Fish's brother M is here for a visit with his little girl. Red Fish liked her cousin M so much she started laughing so HARD. It was hilarious. Red Fish was giving these enormous belly laughs with squeals and giggles. I don't think I have ever heard a baby laugh quite that hard and it went on for a good ten minutes. I wish we had taken our video camera with us to capture it on tape.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

International House of Red Fish

We had a pretty relaxed Easter. We just had dinner at my parents and then took Red Fish to visit Two Fish's Mom. So Red Fish got to see her grandparents. We made a serious error in the number or diapers we had in the diaper bag so unfortunately Red Fish came home wrapped in an old sweatshirt. This was compounded by the fact that Blue Fish had jumped into the pond and was entirely covered head to toe in mud. However Red Fish did look very cute in her little easter dress. My parents just got home from Tokyo and Hong Kong so they brought Red Fish a few little outfits. She is a very international baby.

Why do babies get so big so fast? I want to freeze them when they are tiny and go in slow motion. Both of my babies are just growing up too fast already! Red Fish is already rolling over and she can sit unassisted for a short period of time. Time is just going by too fast!

Red Fish November 11th 2007, and March 23rd 2008
7 lbs. vs. 15 lbs.

Blue Fish on May 18th 2007 and March 20th 2008
10 lb2. vs. 50 lbs.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling the Love

This baby is ready for Spring and bare legs! She does NOT want to wear pants anymore. We have finally been able to start taking some walks in the afternoon. She loves looking at everything from her stroller. Blue Fish faithfully walks next to the stroller and protects her. He is enjoying the fresh air as well. We were all getting a little cabin fever.

Red Fish's new thing is giving kisses. They are slobbery but much appreciated. She wants to kiss you on both sides though. She will open her mouth bigger and bigger until you turn your head to the other side. It's the cutest thing. I guess she is just used to us kissing her on both cheeks so she wants to do the same.

Red Fish is lucky enough to have all of her grandparents nearby. A couple weeks ago we had everybody over for dinner. Two Fish and I made roasted asparagus and this breaded chicken marinara thing that a neighborhood chef taught us in Young Women/Young Mens. It involved touching both raw chicken and raw eggs which I really hate but it turned out really good.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

First Bites of Rice Cereal

Today we fed Red Fish rice cereal for the first time. She has been very interested what Two Fish and I have been eating lately and the pediatrician said she was probably ready. She had the funniest expressions while we were feeding her that ranged from absolute horror to delight. In our typical fashion it was overdocumented on both video and our camera. Two Fish is pretty bummed you can't really see her Arizona Wildcats bib though.

Hey cool you are going to stick something in my mouth!

Ewwwww you put goo in my mouth!

Okay I'll try it again.

I don't know about this...

This is getting a little interesting.

Ooooooh I think I like it!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Red Fish's Top Ten Favorite Things About Her Days

#10 Reading stories

#9 Sleeping

#8 Playing Peek-a-Boo- her new favorite game

#7 Her Bottle
Red Fish loves to eat.

#6 Playing with her baby and her gym
Mimi gave her this soft little baby doll and she absolutely loves it. She give s it kisses (which sometimes turn into her gnawing on the baby's head.) Red Fish has loved her gym ever since she got it for Christmas but now that she has figured out how to grab at the toys and shake them she loves it even more.

#5 Her Swing This baby could swing all day if we let her.

#4 Bath Time
Red Fish loves bath time now. She spalshes and laughs the whole time. She even likes getting the lotion put on her (which she absolutely hated when she was first born.)

#3 Sucking on her fingers
Red Fish spends alot of time trying to put her whole hand in her mouth. She loves sucking on her fingers.

#2 Having her diaper changed.
I have never known a baby to be so happy to get their diaper changed. We have her changing pad in her crib during the day and she loves her crib bumper and her sheets. She laughs and giggles and kicks her legs. Changing her diaper even makes her happy when she is tired or unhappy.

#1 Playing with her Mommy and Daddy
This picture was taken last week before Two Fish and I went on our date night. Red Fish loves it when we are both home with her and she can have both of us play with her at once.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Best Friends

My really good friend N had her baby on Wednesday. We have been saying for months that our babies will best friends because we spend so much time together. Friday night we took Red Fish to meet her new best friend baby A. It was hilarious because Red Fish looks so massive compared to baby A. It's hard to believe that Red Fish was that size just a few months ago.

Mommies and Babies Day

My cousin L and her daughter S came to town so we had a Mommies and babie lunch. my cousin L with Red Fish.
Mimi gave all the little girls matching baby dolls and little lambs or bunnies.
Getting to know the cousins.
Four generations
The Mommies and Babies!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Finally Blogging

After alot of questions about whether or not we have a blog we have finally decided to embrace the blogging world. So here it is- this is our life. As you can tell it mostly revolves around our little baby Red Fish.

3.3.08 A Walk In The Park- Almost

Saturday it was 60 degrees outside and we were so excited to show Red Fish what the outdoors actually look like. Up until now we have been protecting her from the cold by only allowing her outside on the way to the car with a blanket over her carrier. (I guess it's working because she has yet to get sick.) So when we saw a warm day we got all of her outdoor things on, some sunglasses, brought out the stroller and headed down the street to the park. Unfortunately about two seconds after we got outside the sun disappeared, it dropped 20 degrees and the wind picked up. Needless to say we didn't even make it to the end of the street. A couple hours later it snowed. I can't figure this weather out. Maybe in a few weeks we can take a walk. At least Red Fish was thrilled with her first glimpse of the outdoors, and she looked SO CUTE!

3.2.08 Fun With Great Grandparents

Grandma's dinner buddy.
Enjoying some dinner with Bockum.
Playing patty cake with Red Fish.

Today we went to see Grandma and Bockum. We had a nice dinner and listened to Red Fish put on her "dinner show" which consists of a lot of cute babbling and giggles and alot of arm waving.

2.27.08 Getting Chubby and It's So Cute

At one week she had tiny bird legs.
Now she is more of a chunky monkey.