Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feeling the Love

This baby is ready for Spring and bare legs! She does NOT want to wear pants anymore. We have finally been able to start taking some walks in the afternoon. She loves looking at everything from her stroller. Blue Fish faithfully walks next to the stroller and protects her. He is enjoying the fresh air as well. We were all getting a little cabin fever.

Red Fish's new thing is giving kisses. They are slobbery but much appreciated. She wants to kiss you on both sides though. She will open her mouth bigger and bigger until you turn your head to the other side. It's the cutest thing. I guess she is just used to us kissing her on both cheeks so she wants to do the same.

Red Fish is lucky enough to have all of her grandparents nearby. A couple weeks ago we had everybody over for dinner. Two Fish and I made roasted asparagus and this breaded chicken marinara thing that a neighborhood chef taught us in Young Women/Young Mens. It involved touching both raw chicken and raw eggs which I really hate but it turned out really good.


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