Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Best Friends

My really good friend N had her baby on Wednesday. We have been saying for months that our babies will best friends because we spend so much time together. Friday night we took Red Fish to meet her new best friend baby A. It was hilarious because Red Fish looks so massive compared to baby A. It's hard to believe that Red Fish was that size just a few months ago.

Mommies and Babies Day

My cousin L and her daughter S came to town so we had a Mommies and babie lunch. my cousin L with Red Fish.
Mimi gave all the little girls matching baby dolls and little lambs or bunnies.
Getting to know the cousins.
Four generations
The Mommies and Babies!


Lei said...

Oh yay, I finally get to see some pictures! That was such a fun afternoon!

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