Monday, March 3, 2008

11.22.07 Homecoming!

Is there any better day for a homecoming than Thanksgiving? We have so much to be thankful for this year! It's so good to be home and it's so fun to show Red Fish off.


We are so happy to be home with our family and friends!

Meeting our dog Blue Fish- this introduction has gone really well. Blue Fish now guards her crib (Lies down below it and paces around any guests who hold little Red Fish) and comes flying to get us if she even makes a peep. I don't think he totally understand what Red Fish is yet but he knows she is really important. It's pretty cute.

Family meeting Asia

My Dad meeting his first little grandchild. He was so excited.

Two Fish's Mom- the proud Grandma- and Red Fish'
s cousin. She just kept running circles around us saying "Baby baby baby" and clapping her hands.

Our family and neighbors
decorated the outside of our house with signs, hearts, balloons, drawings, and bows. We were definitely welcomed home.

Cousin love.

Cousins - they couldn't stop saying: "Oh our new baby is SO CUTE!" It's cute because they think she is their baby too. One of my nieces keeps saying: "Aunt One Fish is going to
share her baby with me."

Two Fish's Sister and her husband.

Two Fish's brother and his wife holding Red Fish.

We can't thank our sweet neighbors enough from bring Red Fish and I home. It brought us home that much sooner and we are so happy to be here.


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