Wednesday, March 26, 2008

International House of Red Fish

We had a pretty relaxed Easter. We just had dinner at my parents and then took Red Fish to visit Two Fish's Mom. So Red Fish got to see her grandparents. We made a serious error in the number or diapers we had in the diaper bag so unfortunately Red Fish came home wrapped in an old sweatshirt. This was compounded by the fact that Blue Fish had jumped into the pond and was entirely covered head to toe in mud. However Red Fish did look very cute in her little easter dress. My parents just got home from Tokyo and Hong Kong so they brought Red Fish a few little outfits. She is a very international baby.

Why do babies get so big so fast? I want to freeze them when they are tiny and go in slow motion. Both of my babies are just growing up too fast already! Red Fish is already rolling over and she can sit unassisted for a short period of time. Time is just going by too fast!

Red Fish November 11th 2007, and March 23rd 2008
7 lbs. vs. 15 lbs.

Blue Fish on May 18th 2007 and March 20th 2008
10 lb2. vs. 50 lbs.


Lei said...

it's both fun and hard at the same time to watch them grow up!

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