Friday, March 14, 2008

Red Fish's Top Ten Favorite Things About Her Days

#10 Reading stories

#9 Sleeping

#8 Playing Peek-a-Boo- her new favorite game

#7 Her Bottle
Red Fish loves to eat.

#6 Playing with her baby and her gym
Mimi gave her this soft little baby doll and she absolutely loves it. She give s it kisses (which sometimes turn into her gnawing on the baby's head.) Red Fish has loved her gym ever since she got it for Christmas but now that she has figured out how to grab at the toys and shake them she loves it even more.

#5 Her Swing This baby could swing all day if we let her.

#4 Bath Time
Red Fish loves bath time now. She spalshes and laughs the whole time. She even likes getting the lotion put on her (which she absolutely hated when she was first born.)

#3 Sucking on her fingers
Red Fish spends alot of time trying to put her whole hand in her mouth. She loves sucking on her fingers.

#2 Having her diaper changed.
I have never known a baby to be so happy to get their diaper changed. We have her changing pad in her crib during the day and she loves her crib bumper and her sheets. She laughs and giggles and kicks her legs. Changing her diaper even makes her happy when she is tired or unhappy.

#1 Playing with her Mommy and Daddy
This picture was taken last week before Two Fish and I went on our date night. Red Fish loves it when we are both home with her and she can have both of us play with her at once.


Lei said...

I love your skirt in that last picture! But more importantly ;) CUTE BABY!!!

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