Monday, March 3, 2008

2.2.08 A Long Post of Mimi's Birthday

We celebrated Red Fish's great-grandmother's 77th birthday. My cousins brought their daughter I with them. My grandma (we call her Mimi) was really excited to hold two of her great grandchildren in her lap. On the other side of my family Red Fish is the only great grandchild.
Red Fish wasn't getting any satisfaction out of trying to push the piano keys down with her hands so Gammy had her dance on the piano. Red Fish's socks even have ballet slippers painted on them. Two Fish thinks it's silly to dress her in a tutu but I think it's cute even if it is silly.

Super Star in the making

I bought these at the Gymboree outlet a couple weeks ago because i thought they were so funny. Red Fish laughed when I showed her what she looked like in a mirror. She is getting so active. I try to spend some time every morning just holding her and snuggling before we get the day really started and now instead of dozing off she spends most of the time poking me with her fingers or trying to stick them up my nose. She is also very interested in my hair recently. I may need a shorter haircut.

First Time In the Highchair

Red Fish really likes to sit places even though she can't hold herself in a sitting position yet. So the other night when we were eating dinner we pulled her highchair out. It reclines and it has straps that go over her shoulders so it holds her in place really well. She sits there while we are eating dinner every night and she just loves it. I think she looks so funny sitting in there because she looks so tiny. She loves that her legs dangle down a little because she can swing them. So she will sit there swinging her legs, hitting the toy that clips into the tray and squealing with joy.


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