Monday, March 3, 2008

2.17.08 Little Bunny

My grandma and my mom came over for dinner tonight (my Dad is out of town) so we decided to take a picture of the four generations of women.

Red Fish has to sleep on her left side now to try and help reshape her head. She is just napping right here but at night she sleeps in a little sleep positioner to keep her from rolling over on her stomach or turning her head to the flat spot. She looks so sweet sleeping on her side.
Red Fish looked so cute in this little hat with the bunny ears it just made me laugh all day long. She kept feeling the sides of it. She is very into textures right now. We have been trying to give her alot of different surfaces and textures to feel. This furry hat was a hit. She kept frowning everytime we would try and take her picture and then she would laugh afterwards.


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