Saturday, July 5, 2008

Notice To All Strangers

Just because a person is tiny and defenseless does not give you the go ahead to pick them up and kiss them on the mouth. Why random strangers have felt the need to do this to Red Fish the past few days truly blows my mind. MULTIPLE TIMES! I mean what am I supposed to do? Scream and push their faces away from my baby? That's what I want to do. It might seem a bit extreme but still... if a stranger walked up and kissed you on the mouth wouldn't that be your first reaction? Sorry I know it has been a bit of a complaining day for the people in airports but I've spent alot of time around strangers the last week.


TheStudes said...

Thats really disturbing.. i think you should have shoved there face kinda like a james bond movie, but it needs to be in slow motion.

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