Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cabin Weekend

We spent Wednesday through Saturday at my parent's cabin enjoying the mountain air. Red Fish has been soaking up the attention. She had 24/7 entertainment just the way she likes things. We went shopping at the outlets (they have a big sale on the 24th of July) and sat on the porch a lot. My parents brought their dog to play with Blue Fish and Red Fish wanted to be right in the middle of them most of the time. It felt so nice to take a break and get away for a few days. Two Fish still had to work on Friday but the cabin is sadly closer to work than our house is.

Red Fish has finally found a way to express her satisfaction with something. She has been shaking her head no for some time now so it's fun to see her clap her hands with joy. She uses it to say yes to things as well. On Thursday she got tooth number two on the bottom and the top two are showing signs of coming through soon.


Joanna said...

JEALOUS!!! I love your parents cabin and trust me it sounds MUCH better there then getting heat stroke here!! Have you taken her four wheeling yet? :)

The Studes said...

2 teeth!.. hows that going, is she fussing more?

Lei said...


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