Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Keeping Moving Along

Lately I've felt a little overwhelmed by everything I want to improve on as a wife, mother, home maker, company president, artist etc. Today I'm trying to concentrate on the things I do well. So if you don't want to hear me brag to myself move on to another post.

• I read to Red Fish everyday. Sometimes for up to an hour.
• I play music for Red Fish everyday.
• I give hugs and kisses in copious amounts.
• I take Red Fish to a lot of different places and introduce her to alot of different people.
• I've designed some really awesome CD covers in the last year.
• I try to make alot of time for family. I'm really good about calling everyone and visiting and planning fun things to do.
• Yesterday, I taught a whole lesson on ocean conservation at a local aquarium (that was supposed to be an hour long speech to adults) to about 20 four year old kids yesterday with no notice that the audience was changing. It's shark week people!
• I try to be a good friend.
• I keep a good journal.
• I dream big.

I'm feeling better already.


Blogful said...

Aren't you also like some amazingly talented diver and musician? Don't forget that.

Nancy said...

We can all only do so much, so I think that its important to recognize the things you do well. Way to go!!

Amanda said...

you are all those things and much much more, my love.

Amanda said...

you are all those things and much much more, my love.

Lei said...

I think every women should take the time to pat herself on the back. By nature we are amazing!

You are an incredible person; I love that you are interested and dabble in various things- we have that in common :)!

I want to see some of your CD covers. Oh and we are SO LOVING Shark Week!!!

The Studes said...

You are Fabulous.. I"m actually pretty impressed that you keep a journal, I've tried doing that and have failed many times.

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