Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun In The Summertime

We've spent alot of time playing with friends lately. Baby A has come over to visit a couple times. We also had some friends over for a BBQ. Two Fish has a new grill and we need to put it to good use! We've also discovered the joy of bubbles. Red Fish wasn't too sure about them at first especially when they landed on her skin and hair. When Blue Fish started chasing them and biting them she decided they are hilarious.

We have discovered the joy of bubble baths. Red Fish loves splashing and moving the bubbles around. I LOVE this doggie towel. Red Fish's Grandma made it for her for Christmas. Red Fish thinks it's hilarious to put the hood up. I'm not sure if she recognizes that it is a dog but she loves the ears.

I took Red Fish to a gymboree class. We had such a great time! (If you have never been to one there is a coupon on the internet to try a free class- I highly recommend it!) The most fun part was just watching Red Fish with the other babies. She is such a social girl! She just took off crawling with all the other babies and gave everyone in the class a big kiss. She has become quite the little kissy girl lately. She practically smothers everyone in kisses.

Red Fish loves to go grocery shopping. I've finally gotten beyond my paranoia of her sucking on the bars of the cart and now wrap them in a blankie and let her sit in the seat. She thinks rolling down the aisles and examining everything I put in the cart is great fun. We went shopping in Costco yesterday and spent some time with Gammie. My Mom helps me make these meat packets that help me make dinners faster. We cook a whole bunch of chicken and a bunch of hamburger up with spices etc. and then divide them into packets for the freezer. This also limits my contact with raw meat. (shiver)
We've been swinging in the baby swing in our back yard. Red Fish thinks this is great fun. She is so light that one push keeps her swinging for a long time. The people who lived in our house before us left this swing set in our backyard. It's been a lot of fun for our nieces and nephews but I wasn't sure it would last for our own kids to ever use it. At least the baby swing is still in great shape!


The Studes said...

LOVE the Shocked Face from under the dog towel... HELLO!!!

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