Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bizarre Bonaire

We saw some pretty bizarre things while we were in Boanire. While we were touring the island with M&A we stopped at this strange house that had all of these figures and signs and paintings on it and said it was a museum. It was this strange woman's garden that she has filled with stuffed figures, live flamingos, crabs, and turtles, and weird bones and indescribable objects. We could even see inside her house where she had stuffed lifesize dolls sitting around her kitchen table and on her couch. It was one of the strangest sites I have ever seen in my life. I apprecaite the creativity (every surface of her fence and yard had something painted on it or attached to it.) but it was really quite creepy.

We saw s
All along the coast there were these strange sculptures left on the side of the road made of drift wood and debris that has washed up on the shore. Some of them were humongous- up to 15 feet tall. This was my favorite.


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