Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Fun On Vacation

Swimming with Gammie.
Giving Uncle J a big kiss.

Red Fish would start kicking her feet as soon as she could see the water because she was so excited. We didn't take her in the ocean because it was too cold (I was cold with my wetsuit on) but that didn't stop her from wanting to get in. She just loved looking at the water.

Grandpa had the magic touch on this trip. He could put Red Fish to sleep when she was really worked up. She wasn't sleeping much or taking any naps because she was just too excited about everything. Everything was too new and fun.

Red Fish was just soaking up all of the attention she got on this trip. She loved being cuddled and oohed and aahed all day long. We all took turns staying at the resort with her while the others went diving.


Joanna said...

All your travels makes my life seem so dull! Looks way fun though!

Joanna said...

ooohhh! I found a way to bribe you to come visit me!!
a lady in our stake did it and LOVED it. Come teach me to dive!! :)

Nancy said...

Love the pictures. I'm sure traveling with a baby is quite the effort. There was a place I've visited in Wisconsin called the House on the Rock. It was this place where a man used to live with all his "antiques" and weird collectibles. The place was HUGE and there was so much junk there! I've never been so creeped out in my life. Your story of the museum in Boanire reminds me of that.

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