Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Horse Is A Horse Of Course...

I'm sitting in the Houston airport with my little family on our extremely long layover. We've had a lovely vacation to Bonaire and I have alot to write but I want to download all of my pictures before I write about most of it. The most exciting part of our trip was seeing a sea horse. I have never seen one underwater (and no an aquarium DOES NOT COUNT.) It has been on my list of must see items and we saw three on this trip. The corral was absolutely beautiful. The diving was pretty easy other than some training for our extended range and trimix courses - I will write more later but suffices to say I am not built for walking over rocks with four tanks on. We also saw a ton of eels.

Red Fish has done really well with the long traveling. It's amazing how other people react to her though. It has really shocked me how many people glare at us or make nasty comments when we take her on the plane (even though she has been SO GOOD!) That really took me by surprise. One guy even turned around in his seat and made faces at her because she was talking baby talk a little louder than he would like. This was three hours into the flight so I really think he should relax a bit. Other people just dote on her and say how adorable and well-mannered she is. We've gotten endless comments on her red hair as always. A few days ago I was sitting on the side of the pool with her and some random guy starts asking all these questions about her. He asked me if her Daddy has red hair and when I say "No we aren't sure where it came from." He asked me: "When is your husband requesting the blood test?" Who says stuff like that to strangers? Most of the comments we get about her cute hair are nice - usually a "Hey she has red hair!" Then they always tell us who their nearest relative or friend with red hair is. I guess I never realized what an enigma red hair is.


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Ditto! We just started saying, we dye it.

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