Friday, January 17, 2014

More Dinosaur Museum

Playing in the tinkerlabon potter's wheels with sand.
 We spent yesterday playing in the tinkerlab and roaming the dinosaur musuem.  We hadn't been in a couple of months and the kids had a great time playing and running and laughing.  It's getting so easy to take them places now.  It's a big difference from when we first started going to the dinosaur museum.  It's easy now, even when other kids come with us. Motherhood of preschool and kindergarteners is so different and so fun.  I loved them as babies and toddlers and it's fun to watch them turn into little people and I know this time will be fleeting.  I'm trying hard to soak up this time we have where they aren't gone all day yet and they are so easy to please.  Plus they like being with me, that may not always be the case.  We've been playing a lot of games, reading for hours and chasing fun of all kinds.  I've also noticed that they are not very excited about entertaining themselves lately so I've been gently nudging (begging, encoraging, demanding) that they spend more time playing and entertaining themselves.  We have been on a multi-week detox from tv and most electronics.


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