Saturday, January 18, 2014

For No Reason Other Than It Is Friday

I'm not always good at letting my kids have a lot of friends over.  They do have friends over but not nearly as frequently as they would like.  Yesterday, the girls had friends over for five and a half hours. They rode their bikes outside, played dressup and make believe, tracked stuff through my house, made art projects and had an obscene amount of fun.  They giggled until they snorted.  They teased each other and drove each other crazy.  They had so much fun that they cried when it was time for everyone to go home.  It mad me so happy.  Just listening to them have so much fun, made me smile.

 At one point the girls Little Miss A dressed Buddy C up in some fancy duds and he was a great sport about it.  He even paraded around for everyone and didn't freak when Red Fish smooched him.  Don't worry it isn't romantic, she just loves him.  I try to keep the kissing of boys to a minimum but Red Fish is an affectionate kid, her friends tend to get a lot of hugs and kisses.
Some of the friends and Red Fish even tied themselves to the banister with yarn in an attempt to avoid being seperated.  (Notice that Red Fish is calmly weaving a pot holder like she spends all of her time chained in non-violent protest.)


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