Monday, January 13, 2014

Sassy, Sissy and Nixie

Red Fish's reading has taken a huge step forward recently and she has been especially excited about reading.  New Fish is thoroughly taking advantage of having an older sister who is willing to read her stories and when Thing 1 came over this week he was very happy to sit with his head on Red Fish's shoulder and listen to stories. Nothing beats a good story and a snuggle.

These three are over the moon in love with each other.  They love each other almost as much as I love them. Thing one follows them around calling them and copying their every move.  He calls them Sissy and Sassy and they call him Nixie.  The amount of laughter, fun and games that comes from the three of them is a source of joy in my life.

Over the summer when my kids were really begging for a younger sibling and we had discovered that things were not working out on that front, it hit both girls pretty hard.  When I told them that there was a good chance that Heavenly Father wasn't planning on sending any more babies to our family Red Fish got very serious.  She and New Fish came to a conclusion that still makes me cry because it is so darn sweet.  She told me: "Well if I can't be a big sister to any more babies then I'm just going to have to be a really good big cousin.  Heavenly Father will send more babies to our big family and I can be a really good example and take care of them." (Seriously can't even type that without crying.  These girls have such tender hearts) Red Fish and New Fish are totally smitten with their cousins, both the older cousins and the younger ones.  Their adoration seems to just grow endlessly and I feel lucky every time they get the chance to be around any of their cousins.
Playing bean bag games and singing songs with Thing 1.


Linnea said...

Red Fish is adorable. Thanks for sharing her sweet conclusion.

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