Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

I'm not sorry to see 2013 go.  It was a strange year and I left it feeling slightly lost and feeling grateful for the nice life that I have.  Even when life throws in the bumps I have a pretty great life and I'm surrounded by great people to spend it with. I don't have my usual excitement for the fresh start of a new year but I might still be in shock from the flurry of the Holidays.  I'm sure I will get cracking on some goals in the near future.

We spent New Years at the lake house with my parents. There were board games and Mexican food, yummy breakfasts and plenty of snuggle time. We went sledding on New Years Eve and planned on skiing on New Years day but Red Fish came down with a nasty cold so we stayed home where it was warm.
 We sledded in the back yard.  My Dad tried to shove all four of us girls down on one sled but we just fell off the sled.
 I have become such a helmet mom that I even have them wear helmets to sled.
 We rung in the new year (at 8:30pm) with some fireworks and rootbeer floats. Two Fish and I watched movies for the rest of the night.  It might sound boring but for me, it was just what I wanted.


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