Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Break

 We have been playing hard during our Winter break but we have also spent a lot of time at home. It has been too cold to go anywhere. There has been a lot of baking, playing games, science experiments and hours upon hours of reading.
 We have been doing a lot of water experiments lately and the girls really loved figuring out what materials, weights and shapes would float in water.
 We started making some Valentines Day decorations because we don't really have many and the girls love holiday decor.  It helped take some of the sting out of packing up the Christmas stuff.
 There have been a lot of art supplies scattered around the house.

 A box of math manipulatives has somehow become some of their favorite toys (didn't they just get a ton of toys for Christmas?) We have had so much fun together I will be sad to see them go back to school.
The girls have been coloring mittens with oil pastels and stitching them together with yarn and drawing dozens of pictures of horses.
By Red Fish
Red Fish
by New Fish


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