Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Good Parts

 I recently read "Olive Kitteridge"  by Elizabeth Storout and then also saw the play "Other Desert Cities" with my husband.  Neither the book or the play were my favorite but I have thought about them quite a bit.  Both deal with a lot of the family dysfunction, mental illness and the general difficulties of life.  They both made me sad because they seem to miss all of the really happy parts of being a parent or being part of a family.  I agree that everyone is dealing with a lot of really difficult things that tend to hide behind the surface.  Everyone is fighting a hard battle and most of the time the people around them have no idea what happens inside a person's life.  The part that was left out of this book and this play is a look at all of the tiny moments that just make life wonderful.  The extra minutes in the morning that one of my girls come in to cuddle before we have to get ready for the day.  Teaching my kids something new or seeing them understand something for the first time.  The peaceful evenings or the laughter filled dinners that occur every once in awhile and you connect with your family in what seems like a perfect few hours.  The way it feels to see your child do something truly kind. These missed all of the invisible strings and intense bonds of love that connect a family.  It didn't show any of the people who reach out a hand to help when you need it most.  There are so many things that make life wonderful and I have so much to be grateful for.  I'm hoping that recognizing the great things about life and the important parts of relationships will make sure they wouldn't be written as a tiny part of my own story.


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