Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blowing Glass

 The girls and I have been reading See How It's Made a little bit at a time. We plan to try out several of the things we have read about so far like making ice cream.  I have an ice cream maker that I've never even opened. We read today about blowing glass and then the girls watched a few youtube videos and we looked at some of my blown glass things.  New Fish kept insisting that we needed to try blowing glass and I kept telling her that we didn't have the skills or the supplies to try blowing glass.  She told me: "All we need is some sort of goo and poles to blow on.  All of the sudden I remembered that we had exactly that.  Over a year or so ago my Dad bought the girls "Magic Plastic" balloon supplies from Hammond toystore.  We tried them a couple of times but made a big mess and the girls were too young to do it.  We broke them out again today and had so much fun "blowing glass."  They could add their own colors and blow out the balloons.  Thanks to my Dad for making me a hero mommy today.


Linnea said...

This is so cool!

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