Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rawr means happy birthday in dinosaur

The cake that Red Fish refused to eat because she hates cake.  She is an ice cream girl.
 Little Red Fish is a lover.  She loves everyone.  She wants to be best friends with everyone.  This is a great quality but it makes birthday party guest lists difficult, even when you try limiting to neighborhood kids.  We had a very rowdy and very fun party at the dinosaur museum.  It was a blast.  Our tour guide/party host was fabulous and he let the kids move at their own pace.  He took them on a great tour of the museum.

 The kids made plaster fossils in a mold.

 Red Fish got a plethora of unicorns and games.  It was really cute how excited her friends were over her gifts.  They know her well.  They all seemed to know exactly what she would love about each gift.  She is a lucky girl to have so many cute friends in her life.
Then they played in the tinkerlab.


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