Thursday, November 14, 2013

Because I ThinkJust About Everything They Do Is Cute

Building an electromagnet
 I've been reading articles about raising kids that have blown my mind a little bit.  The first was about the importance of teaching children about the possibility of becoming an entrepreneur.  The author posited that most children don't even grow up knowing that they can market their own ideas or start their own company or that working for themselves is even an option.  I guess I had never thought about that because my parents are entrepreneurs and I took it for granted.  It made me think quite a bit about teaching my kids the power of their own ideas and potential.
 I also read an article about the lack of scientific learning and play in most young girls' lives.  The article was in response to a really awesome Goldiblox commercial.  If you watch it and are inspired to build giant mousetraps please come over so we can do it with you.  I will paint with your kids in return.  I am not very mechanically minded so I'm not sure my girls will have a lot of engineering opportunities but I have really enjoyed doing science projects with them the last couple of years.
A carousel horse picture drawn by Red Fish.  When she slows down and takes her time she draws really well. 


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